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The Little Book about Bad Dreams – What a wonderful book! It has helped my 7 year old son immensely. Speaking about his fears and illustrating them, changing the context of the nightmares has worked wonders. The concept really is very special. It was a fun exercise that we could both do together. I now understand what he was so frightened of and that in itself has been a great comfort to him. It is only typing it out now, that I’ve realized; he isn’t actually scared of what we worked through anymore, so it has really helped! Thank you.

Clare, Mother of Archie, 7 years old

I have read The Little Book About Bad Dreams with my 7-year old son. Over a period of six months he had suffered badly with nightmares resulting in us being up every night. The first night, after we read the book, my son woke me up again. However, this time it was just to let me know that he had done as the book suggests and that it had been quite fun. Since then he is no longer suffering from nightmares. I am truly surprised by this little book and how efficient it has been in helping my son. At the same time I got a good knowledge of what it was that made my son so frightened. We could then have a good chat about fear.

Anja, mother to Emil, 7 years

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